KF Vacuum Fittings Overview


KF Vacuum Fittings OverviewThe KF range of flanges and fittings are manufactured from high quality stainless steel. KF flanges utilize an aluminium clamp with a single wingnut fastener allowing frequent disassembly without tools.

The vacuum seal is effected by uniform applications of pressure by the clamp on the 15° surface of the flange. The mating flange surfaces compress on ‘O’-ring (held in place by a metal ring) to produce a seal that can used in vacuum applications down to 10-8 mbar and baked to 200°C (sustained to 150°C)

Advanced sealing material such as aluminium or copper may be used, when the joints have to be operated or baked at elevated temperatures or if high corrosion resistance and/or electrical insulation are required.

Our vacuum components are bead-blasted inside and outside, unless otherwise stated. The sealing faces are polished mechanically.

All components undergo a leak testing prior sales.


KF Tubulations (Half Nipples)

KF Straight Connectors (Full Nipples)

KF Tubulated Reducing Adaptors

kf-tubulated-nipple-sfw kf-straight-connector-sfw kf-reducing-adaptors-sfw

KF Elbows

KF 45 Degree Bends

KF Tees

kf-elbow-sfw kf-45-deg-bend-sfw kf-tee-sfw

KF Unequal Tees

KF 4-way crosses

KF Reducing 4-way Crosses

kf-unequal-tee-sfw kf-4-way-cross-sfw kf-4-way-reducing-cross-sfw

KF 6 Way Crosses

KF Flexible Hoses

KF Stainless Steel Centering Rings, Viton O,Ring

KF-6-way-cross kf-flexible-hose-sfw kf-centering-sfw

KF Aluminium Centering Rings, Viton O,Ring

KF Trapped Centering Rings, Viton O Ring

KF Stainless Steel Reducing Centering Rings, Viton O,Ring

kf-centering-sfw kf-trapped-centering-sfw kf-reducing-centering-sfw

KF Stainless Steel Meshed Centering Rings with Viton O rings


KF Blank Flanges

kf-meshed-ring-190 kf-clamp-sfw kf-blank-flange-sfw

KF Bored Flanges

KF Vacuum Viewports

kf bored flanges cf-zero-viewports

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