KF Flanges

KF flange Overview
The KF range of flanges are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel. KF flanges are fitted with aluminium clamps with a single wingnut fastener allowing easy disassembly without the use of tools.

KF Flanges (Klien) are the standard connections for vacuum fittings up to DN50 used in low & high vacuum. Alongside the ancillary components they offer a simple solution for applications requiring easy and repeated assembly.

Sealing is accomplished with a centering with a nitrile or viton o’ring squashed between a pair of KF Flanges and pulled together using a circumferental clamp.

Our KF Flange sealing faces are polished mechanically.

Please Note: Vacuum Services Ltd do not have a minimum order quantity, if your needs are for a 1 off flange, centering, gasket or clamp and we receive an order before 2,30pm we will ship to you the same day. If the product is in stock.

KF Blank Flanges

KF Bored Flanges

kf-blank-flange-sfw kf bored flanges

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