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KF Flanges

KF Flanges (Klien) are the standard din 28430 & ISO 2861 connections for vacuum fittings up to DN50 used in low & high vacuum. Along with the ancillary components they offer a simple solution for applications requiring easy and repeated assembly.

Sealing is accomplished with a centering with a nitrile or viton o’ring squashed between a pair of KF Flanges and pulled together using a circumferental clamp.

KF Blank Flanges points:

  • Material: 304L stainless steel
  • Bakeable to 150° C
  • Vacuum Rating: 1×10-8 mbar
  • Wide range of elbows, crosses & tees are available
  • Tubulated Flanges are available for welding to stainless steel tube

kf blank flangesKF Blank FlangesKF Blank Flanges

KF Blank flanges are used to cap off the open ports where not required and are also used as a base part to manufacture adaptor fittings, instruments, feedthroughs etc.

Manufactured from: 304 Stainless Steel. KF Blank flanges are supplied in a sealed plastic bag with a protective plastic cap.

KF Blank flanges are manufactured to the ISO Standard and are compatible with other supplier’s product.

KF10BS 10 30 5.1 12.2 2.5
KF16BS 16 30 6.0 17.2 2.5
KF25BS 25 40 6.0 26.2 2.5
KF40BS 40 55 6.0 41.2 2.5
KF50BS 50 75 6.0 52.2 2.5

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