ISO Flanges

The ISO range of flanges are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel.
ISO Vacuum Fittings
All configurations (shown Fig 2) use an ‘O’ ring seal (made of Nitrile or Viton) held in place by a centering ring & tightened together using wall clamps, double claw clamps or bolts.

There are different variants of ISO flanges available:

  1. ISO-K (clamp) flanges with a grooved ring for inserting wall clamps and double claw clamps are smaller and less expensive.
  2. ISO-F (fixed) flanges with a set of through-bore holes are pressed together with standard bolts. They are more stable than ISO-K flanges which enable them to mechanically support parts of the vacuum chamber.
  3. ISO bolt rings are used to make an ISO-K flange into a rotatable ISO-F flange.

Please Note: Vacuum Services Ltd do not have a minimum order quantity, if your needs are for a 1 off flange, centering, gasket or clamp and we receive an order before 2,30pm we will ship to you the same day. If the product is in stock.


ISO Claw Clamp Blank Flanges

ISO Fixed Bolted Blank Flanges

ISO Claw Clamp Bored Flanges

ISO Fitting iso claw clamp blank flanges ISO Fitting iso fixed bolted flanges ISO Fitting iso claw clamped bored flanges

ISO Fixed Bolted Bored Flanges

ISO Fittings Fixed Bolted Bored Flanges

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