CF Gasket

CF Vacuum Fittings
We supply a range of copper and silver plated annealed gaskets for the CF Flanges.  CF Gaskets are used to connect two flanges together and create a vacuum seal with the use of bolts.  These flanges are most commonly used for high power vacuum applications.

Our CF Gaskets are supplied in sealed plastic bags.

The CF Gaskets are manufactured to the CF standard and are compatible with other supplier’s product. The Gaskets are punched and chemically treated to keep them in the best condition and avoid imperfections on their surface.

We also offer silver-plated gaskets that were developed to stop oxidation

Please Note: Vacuum Services Ltd do not have a minimum order quantity, if your needs are for a 1 off flange, centering, gasket or clamp and we receive an order before 2,30pm we will ship to you the same day. If the product is in stock.