We are often asked technical questions about ConFlat Flanges, so to try and answer some of the most frequently asked questions. Of course, if we have missed any or you would like further details please do contact us on +44 (0)1424 447726 or place your question in the comment box below.

1.Question – What are Vacuum CF(ConFlat) Flanges?

Answer – The designation ConFlat is a Varian Inc trademark, therefore, other manufacturers use the designation CF. Vacuum CF conflat-flangesFlanges are available in fixed or rotatable configurations and can either have through holes or tapped bolt holes. Vacuum CF Flanges have a baking temperature to 450 °C to achieve vacuum pressures to 10?12 mbar using the correct vacuum pumping systems and vacuum equipment. Vacuum CF Flanges are used to connect Vacuum instruments, Vacuum scientific equipment, Vacuum Pumps and other Vacuum Equipment to a vacuum vessel. (see image).

2.Question How is the vacuum-tight connection made?

Answer – Vacuum CF Flanges have a specially shaped knife edge forconflat-flanges-1
sealing with the use of a copper ring gasket and bolts to pull the Vacuum CF Flanges together, the copper ring gasket is deformed to the shape of the knife edge to create the vacuum seal. The connection can be made only once if the mating Vacuum CF Flanges are disconnected a new gasket must be used. (see Image).

3.Question – What are the standard sizes for the Vacuum CF Flanges?

Answer – Vacuum CF Flange sizes are designated by their bore diameter matching the nominal tube diameter that is welded into it. The standard designations are CF. The dimensions for these sizes of Vacuum CF Flanges are to the vacuum industry standard.

4.Question – What Material are Vacuum CF Flanges manufactured from?

Answer – Vacuum CF Flanges are predominantly manufactured from Stainless Steel Grades 304L or 316L, however, the Vacuum CF Flanges are also available in a variety of other stainless steel grades and can be manufactured according to the customer requirements.

5.Question – Can different sized Vacuum CF Flanges be mated together?conflat-flanges-2

Answer – Different sized Vacuum CF Flanges can be mated using a zero-length adaptor or straight connector also Vacuum CF Flanges can be mated to Vacuum ISO Flanges and Vacuum KF Flanges as straight connectors (see image).

6.Question – What Temperature can Vacuum CF Flanges be used up to?

Answer – Vacuum CF Flanges can be used up to a sustained temperature of 450°C

7.Question – Are there a range of standard Vacuum Fitting and Vacuum Components manufactured with Vacuum CF Flanges?

Answer – There is a complete range of standard Vacuum Components and Vacuum Fittings manufactured and stocked with Vacuum CF Flanges.

8.Question- Can Vacuum CF Flanges be supplied with electrical feedthroughs?

Answer – Vacuum CF Flanges can be supplied with a variety of different electrical feedthroughs, these can be manufactured to customer requirements.

9.Question- Are Viewports available in Vacuum CF Flanges?

Answer – Vacuum CF Flanges are available with a variety of different viewports. We generally supply Vacuum CF Flanges with Borosilicate windows, however, if a different window is required we can also offer this.